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Selling FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Why an agent with TREF?

Our Realtors focus on a few key elements when representing a Seller. First, getting your property sold quickly and for the best price we possibly can. We go into every negotiation with the mindset of spending your money like it were our own and advise you exactly like we would do it ourselves. We are concerned with relationships because we want to work with you, not just on this sale, but on the next one and the next one and then be the go-to Realtor for your kids and family and co-workers and friends as well. We know to be the Realtor you refer everyone to means working for every client like they were the only one and putting in long hours and giving every transaction 110%. So, why TREF, because we always aim to be the best real estate professional in every transaction every time. And, your family deserves the BEST.

What can I expect from a TREF Realtor?

Your TREF Realtor will schedule a time to come and look at your property and discuss all of the options for selling at top dollar. The Realtor will also show you how to get your home in show-ready condition and lay out a marketing plan for you.

What will the TREF Realtor have me sign at the first meeting?

At the first meeting, the TREF Realtor will present you with a S.C. Agency Disclosure. This document will explain to you the differences between the types of representation available to you as you purchase your home. If you choose to be represented by TREF, the Realtor will sign a client relationship form called the Exclusive Right to Sell listing agreement. The Realtor will explain all of the duties and responsibilities at that time.

What is the difference between an agent and a Realtor? What are the independent contractors at TREF?

At TREF, all of our independent contractors are Realtors or are in the process of becoming Realtors if they are newly licensed. The difference is hugely important to you and your transaction. A Realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors, the S.C. Association of Realtors and the local Charleston Trident Association of Realtors. This means as a Realtor we must adhere to strict rules and regulations regarding the treatment of Customers and Clients and a Realtor is required to take many additional hours of educational training to retain their status as a Realtor member.

Do I want to be a customer or a client?

A client representation means you have a TREF Realtor working FOR you to sell your home, disclose everything they know about a particular Buyer, advise you on the price and negotiations and so much more. A customer is someone a TREF Realtor works WITH to sell a property and is not required to provide much more than getting you to the closing table. In either case, a TREF Realtor makes the same amount of money so we encourage you to let us provide you Client Level Service.

What should I expect from my agent?

At TREF, our Realtors are trained to represent you from first call through closing, and then any other times you need us after closing. Our job is relieving stress from you and to handle the bumps in the road along the way. There will always be bumps in a transaction. How well your agent handles those for you means everything in a transaction and keeps the process running smoothly so you can think about the important things like your family, your job, and how you are going to spend your earned equity from your property.

What will closing costs include and who is responsible for paying that and when?

Your closing costs will include, in most cases, commissions, attorney’s fees, pro-rated taxes for the time you owned the property and pro-rated HOA fees not paid during the time of ownership if applicable, deed stamps, liens, mortgage payoff, and any negotiated costs. These fees will be collected at closing and the remaining funds will be paid to the owner of the property.

What happens to my one-year escrowed taxes and insurance I paid when I purchased my property?

The money will be refunded to you by the mortgage company after closing.

What if I have a tenant in the property at the time of the sale?

If a tenant and landlord have a ratified lease agreement in place at the time of the sale, it must be disclosed prior to the sale and the new owner will assume the tenant and the lease through the end of the lease. All security deposits must be forfeited from the current owner to the new owner at closing.

When is the best time to sell a property?

Our area does not experience many slow periods except a smaller amount of Buyers consistently during the months of August, September and October. It can be assumed that with kids going back to school and football season, there are less buyers in the market buying property. Other slow times are during very cold times such as February and March. The strongest months in our area are May, June, July, December and January.

Why is December and January generally strong when in most markets it is a slow time?

We are fortunate to have warm weather in December and January. This tends to bring relatives down to visit the area for the holidays and they find they enjoy the warmer climate and begin their search for property. TREF Realtors understand that many Sellers are not aware of this fact and tend to take their property off the market thinking it will be a slow time or do not want to show their property during the holidays. The holidays are a great time to show your property because in most cases, especially for a personal home, the property is beautifully decorated and cheerful and clean. All great factors for selling a property.