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Moving Checklist

Once you have a ratified contract:

Call and get on the schedule for movers.
Have a folder just for moving that is easily accessible at all times.
Include a notepad in the folder to jot down items as you think of them.
Keep all important documents with you, including your financials and identification forms.
Ask you TREF Realtor for insurance agent recommendations and get quotes.
If you are moving into another school district, request transcripts and medical records.
Make a list of bills, magazine subscriptions and anything coming in the mail to change your address.
Contact all important places with your new address such as doctors, schools, employers, etc.
Start with packing things you do not use every day.

Two Weeks Prior to Closing:

Arrange for electricity, gas and water to be turned on/off for the closing date.
Turn off/on cable and alarm systems.
Contact the post office for a moving kit.
Contact financial advisors about your address change.
Contact relatives about your address change.
Prepare for the weather and pack an overnight bag for the day of closing, just in case.
Find a place or area to stack boxes so when moving day arrives they are not all over the house.
Break apart anyfurniturenot in use.
Make sure to clean out the attic and refrigerator.

Moving Day:

Do a final walkthrough and make sure nothing is left.
Make sure the property is clean when you leave.  Buyers can still ask for a cleaning fee at closing.
Remember, items packed last will be unloaded first, so most necessary goes on the truck last.
Close on your new home/old home and ENJOY!!
Now go and change your driver’s license and apply for the 4% tax assessment if this is a primary residence.
Thank you for working with The Real Estate Firm!!

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