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Prepare your property for a sale

Getting top dollar


Selling your home for top dollar means making it look like a top dollar home. Sometimes this means making changes that cost little money, if any but have a huge impact.  Your TREF Realtor can assist you with every preparation aspect from curb appeal to staging.  We employ every element to make your property appear the best it can for the most impact to Buyers.
Your TREF Realtor might recommend some of the following and will show you the cost-saving ideas to get it done:


  • Pressure washing

  • Sprucing up the landscaping

  • Replace burned out light bulbs

  • Remove rugs that make spaces feel smaller and cause trip hazards

  • Nothing should be on the floor in any room

  • Your front door is the first impression, it should be painted and hardware shiny

  • Have house numbers that are visible from the street

  • You are moving, so start from day one.  Pack up clutter or anything you do not use at least once a month

  • Nothing on the countertops so Buyers can see what they are buying with the exception of daily used items.


Buyers look in closets and drawers. The less you have stuffed in them the bigger they look.
Get up 30-minutes earlier in the mornings to pick up and make beds.  

The ONE might want to see your home today.

Removing all personal effects is NOT necessary. Your TREF Realtor will tell you what is.
Stay away during showings.  Buyers and their agent will feel most comfortable when they can discuss your home during their walkthrough and not feel as though they are holding you up.

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