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For Sale by Owner

Many times a Seller may think they can sell their home on their own, especially in a good market. 

They CAN, but the costs may be too great when considering the following facts:


Buyers have as much knowledge from the internet as a seller does. In almost every case, the Buyer believes the Seller is to save on real estate commissions, are hiding something, or are difficult to work with.  The advertising for an FSBO is not as expansive.  Research shows an agent will obtain more money from the sale and faster.  What this means for the FSBO is the Buyer will make offers that reduce the purchase price to include the commission savings and the lack of exposure will cost time on the market in many cases leading to unnecessary additional mortgage payments.



Here are other factors to consider:

  • Your TREF Realtor will provide the most accurate and proper documentation and state-approved contracts to successfully negotiating an offer.

  • Your TREF Realtor understands appraisals and the process and is able to contact the appraiser to dispute low appraisals and provide additional documentation about your property that may save you money.

  • Your TREF Realtor is skilled in negotiating repair procedure versus due diligence processes to your best interest.

  • Your TREF Realtor will handle every aspect of the transaction from first call to closing, plus they will schedule inspections, showings, closings, CL-100’s, appraisals, etc. on your behalf so you can spend your time on what matters most to you.

  • Your TREF Realtor is a part of the TREF network which will expose your home to more than 700 websites locally, nationally and internationally.  

  • Your TREF Realtor can protect your home.  As your TREF Realtor, we can require all Buyer’s agents produce a pre-approval before getting access to your home so we have a record of who sees your home.  The average FSBO just lets anyone view their home that shows up.

  • Your TREF Realtor can protect your family.  Unfortunately, most FSBO’s state a member of their family will be responsible for meeting Buyers/strangers at their home and letting them in and even scarier walking around the home with them.  Most agents have approved their clients as a pre-approved, ready, willing and able Buyer before showing property.  The average homeowner would never let this occur if they were not trying to sell so why take the risk now?

  • Your TREF Realtor statistically nets 25% more money than a FSBO.  This includes moving the home faster due to marketing abilities and skilled negotiation techniques to get you more money.

  • Your TREF Realtor will represent you.  Agents that show a FSBO take on a responsibility of both parties as seen in prior legal cases.  Many times agent would prefer to not have to deal with the hassle unless it is in the best interest of their client.

  • Your TREF Realtor spends less time for sale.  On an agent sells a property in 66 days compared to more than 4 months on the market as a FSBO.  A mortgage could cost more than the commission saved.average


At TREF, one of our Realtors would love to talk about our specialized options for FSBO’s.  When you need us, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

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